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    Educational Seminar


    Our purpose with our seminars is to leave you inspired to take action, with a list of items that you can immediately implement to improve your financial life. We strive to keep you up-to-date on timely events affecting the economy, and issues that matter to you, your family and your financial well-being.

    We cover a wide array of topics, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and social security. Our complimentary, no-obligation educational seminars offer a glimpse into the expertise of our advisors. Often, our seminars include guest speakers and take-home materials.

    Be our guest at this complimentary

    Life Learning Event

    Life Learning

    Our client-focused Life Learning Events series is meant to encourage our attendees to learn something new and open their minds to new experiences and information. From new travel experiences to consider, to preventing identity theft, to exploring genealogy or learning tips on keeping your brain healthy, we offer a variety of topics throughout the year, and have a great time with our clients while we learn.

    We are truly grateful to those who

    Share Our Purpose

    Client Advocate

    A good majority of our clients know people who could benefit from a professional relationship with a financial advisor who could help reduce their taxes and review their overall finances. We’ve enjoyed meeting with these people and hope to continue to extend our services to friends, family and colleagues for years to come.

    A Client Advocate introduces us to another individual or family they care about. An introduction is the highest compliment we can receive, and we are truly grateful to those who share our purpose. Each year during the summer, we host an appreciation event for the Client Advocates who were kind enough to introduce us to their loved ones.

    As a special thank you event

    Client Appreciation

    Client Appreciation

    Our client appreciation events are our way of reminding our clients that our relationship with them goes beyond just account reviews. We enjoy the time we get to spend with clients at these events, whether we’re meeting their extended family at our movie event, or dancing the night away at our end-of-year gala.